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August 26, 2013 in culture




The Art of Mine — A Poem

Music is the art of which is mine.
It has burrowed itself inside of me—
In my soul—my very core,
To which I have invited it
With every ounce of love,
Ardor, devotion, and sense of allegiance
That dwells within me.
Music cannot tell me I am wrong,
For I expose my very being through it.
I express who I was, who I am,
And who I wish to be.
It is music that allows me
To grow, to love, and to connect with others.
The melodies are my memories—
The lyrics are my longings;
I create magic through guitar riffs,
And the guitar riffs create a new part of me
That I can share with the world.
On stage my blood burns like battery acid;
My breath is as jagged as the rocks by the shore.
My heart pounds like a savage drum…
But I go on.
Like a jolt of lightning, energy courses through me.
The roar of the crowd sends chills that ache my bones;
And I drink in every second of it.
In a vast cycle, it begins once more:
I create, and a new part of me is created.
Music is the art of which is mine.


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